Benya Sutyanyong grinning in a park filled with trees, balancing a leaf as big as her face on her head.

Things I am

Born in Bangkok and raised in Toronto, I'm a designer who's always searching for ways to make brands and products more human by spotlighting the small, everyday shared experiences between people. I'm particularly interested in the grey zones between human and human-made, and practical and absurd. Currently in my final year at York/Sheridan Design (Class of 2022).

Outside of design, I enjoy studying languages, collecting interesting Legos, taking new public transit routes, and going to farmer's markets.

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Work Experience

Freelance Graphic Designer (Sept 2021-Present)
Graphic Design Intern (April-August 2021)
Envision AI, Netherlands

Graphic Design & Multimedia Assistant
Lassonde education innovation studio, york u
Sept 2020-April 2021

Graphic Design Assistant
Signage & Wayfinding, york u
June 2019-August 2019


Bachelor of Design, York U & Sheridan College
Sept 2017-april 2022 (anticipated)

Produkt Design, Bauhaus Universität Weimar
Sept 2019-May 2020


English, Thai (native)
German (conversational)
French (conversational)

Oh no, this webpage is over... but let's keep in touch!

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