Benya Sutyanyong grinning in a park filled with trees, balancing a leaf as big as her face on her head.

Things I am:

Hello there! I'm a creative who looks for ways to make things a little more human by spotlighting the small, everyday shared experiences between people. I like to entertain myself with the grey zones between human and human-made, and practical and absurd. Currently in my final year at York/Sheridan Design (Class of 2022).

Outside of design, I enjoy studying languages, collecting interesting Legos, taking new public transit routes, and crochet.

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Work Experience

Freelance Designer (Dec 2021-Present)
Daybreak Labs, Toronto

Freelance Graphic Designer (Sept 2021-Nov 2021)
Graphic Design Intern (April-August 2021)
Envision AI, Netherlands

Graphic Design & Multimedia Assistant
Lassonde education innovation studio, york u
Sept 2020-April 2021

Graphic Design Assistant
Signage & Wayfinding, york u
June 2019-August 2019


Bachelor of Design, York U & Sheridan College
Sept 2017-april 2022 (anticipated)

Produkt Design, Bauhaus Universität Weimar
Sept 2019-May 2020


English, Thai (native)
German (conversational)
French (conversational)

Oh no, this webpage is over... but let's keep in touch!

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