Internship at Envision AI


In the Summer of 2021, I completed a partially remote, partially in-person internship at a Dutch start-up called Envision, located in the Hague, Netherlands. Envision's main products are the Envision app and Envision Glasses, which use AI technology to help blind and visually impaired people navigate the world independently. Below are some projects I produced during my internship.


Ferkan Metin


Premiere Pro

Designing for the Visually Impaired

Envision's technology primarily uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to "read" out text. For optimal results, text should be as clear and distinct as possibly. My colleagues showed me how certain design choices could make graphics more or less accessible to this kind of software. I kept this in mind when designing for Envision.

Illustration Component Library

Over the course of my internship, I made various illustrations for Envision's blogposts, user manuals, and social media. Eventually, I noticed other team members would reuse them in other collateral. This culminated in me initiating a project to make a Figma library with my illustrations as components, so anyone could generate basic graphics from them. The final Illustrations Library contains 117 components.

I also created a documentation for this library to standardize the way that the components would be used by others within Envision's branding. A copy of this is available below.


Envision Merchandise

Envision wanted merchandise that could be handed out at events, sent to distributors, and worn by team members. I designed a t-shirt, crewneck sweater, and tote bag for them, as well as suggested enamel pins and iron-on patches as freebie items. All five went to production over my internship and I now have them as keepsakes.

Envision Ally App Onboarding

Working with Envision's UX/UI Designer, I illustrated the onboarding screens for the Envision Ally app, an app that allows users to receive video calls from and provide guided assistance to visually impaired people using the Envision Glasses.

Envision Glasses Packaging

The Envision Glasses are a premium product. They ship inside a custom carrying case, which is then placed inside another holding box, before being placed in a shipping box. Whereas the previous holding box was plain white, I applied the Envision branding to this new box, going through several iterations/prototypes.

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