May–July 2020


Typeface Design




Milkshake is a playful display typeface that captures the motion of writing on a cake in icing. A slight oblique, borrowed script elements, and light stroke weight contrast give it a lively rhythm while maintaining readability. Milkshake is meant for use on print at medium to large sizes, making it ideal for media such as menus, packaging, window appliqués, and textiles.

Uppercase LATIN

The uppercase Latin alphabet set in the typeface Milkshake.


The lowercase Latin alphabet set in the typeface Milkshake.

type size sample

The typeface Milkshake shown at various sizes from largest to smallest.

Loops for Days

As icing is normally piped in one line, Milkshake borrows loops from script typefaces to indicate how letters may be written in one stroke. Gaps in the counters of characters like lowercase b, g, and a emphasize this.

Uppercase E and C next to lowercase b, k, y, and a set in the typeface Milkshake.  Each of these characters feature a looping stroke.

Rounded Terminals

Extra icing is usually found at the beginning and end of strokes, as extra pressure must be applied to the piping bag in order to start and end the writing. Slight ball terminals on the glyphs mimic this hand-piped quality.

Uppercase P and M next to lowercase c, n, and i set in the typeface Milkshake. All of these letters contain ball terminals at the beginning and end of strokes.
An example of an ice cream menu using Milkshake as the title font. The body copy, set in a sans serif typeface, displays ice cream menu options.

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