July–September 2021


Wordmark, Book & Layout Design


Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Glyphs


As a result of refusing to read books without pictures, manga occupied much of my life as a kid. Re: is an archival collection of books meant to celebrate the uniqueness and cultural significance of my favourite coming-of-age stories. This project was selected from over 60 proposals to be completed under the Super Session mentorship program led by Shujaat Syed.

Digital Roots

The starting mood board for Re: drew visually from the early digital age, taking inspiration from CDs, DVDs, and old computer graphics. There was also a dominant colour palette of black and white with a bright, saturated RGB accent colour.

The Line-up

Using no other factor other than how much I knew/liked the series, I chose the following four with drastically different stories, themes, and characters. Inuyasha and Ranma 1/2 are written and illustrated by the same author.

Rewind, Reply

The name "Re:" for the series comes from the shortened form of rewind, as seen in the corner of a paused DVD player, and reply, as seen at the beginning of email replies. In this way, the name embodies revisiting my favourite series from my childhood through the lens of an adult who now understands the impact they had on me and others.


I tried to capture what made each series unique to me in redesigned word marks. Each mark contains both the Japanese and English titles.

Lovely Complex is a shoujou manga: a genre of romance written for young girls. As the series covers typical high school dilemmas, this word mark was meant to embody archetypes of girliness and youth, borrowing from word marks of teen magazines and children's toys like Polly Pocket.

Ping Pong is a sports manga. The artist and writer, Matsumoto Taiyou, draws in a characteristically rough and sketchy style that uses lines to emphasize the action of a match. This word mark draws from varsity lettering and uses oblique type to give the appearance of movement.

Ranma 1/2 is a playful comedy about a boy who, against his will, changes into a girl when hit with cold water (yes, the story is outdated for 2021). Many other characters experience similar dilemmas with a secret second form that they must conceal to carry on their life. This word mark, through the overlaid Japanese characters, captures playful surprise and interruption.

Inuyasha is a fantasy adventure manga that takes place in feudal era Japan. For this word mark, I wanted theJapanese title to be more dominant. I chose Japanese calligraphic characters appropriate to the period.

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