January–April 2020


Editorial, Photography


Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop


Sprawl is a publication dedicated to exploring the human trace in the form of objects. Most of us live in structures that are very much manmade and industrial. But in every place we inhabit, a kind of organic primary succession occurs: our clothes start to fill up the closet and floor, we leave dents in the wall, and our spaces slowly become an ecosystem of objects we can't bear to throw away. Each issue is a collection of submissions on a theme relating to objects as comfort, nostalgia, or a sense of identity.


The topic of this magazine was very dear to my heart, and I wanted to include real and original submissions for this publication. Participants were allowed to remain anonymous and were given prompts based on the theme of "home".


As Sprawl came to be in the middle of the pandemic, taking photos was a challenge. That is why I chose to use a lot of scanned ephemera, which composes a significant portion of clutter and also represents something that is made to be temporary and disposable, but that we hold onto. This was combined with submitted images and some photography by me.

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