The Anti-Travel Travel Guide


Whether it's unexpected expenses, family emergencies, missing documents, or a historic global pandemic, there are many reasons people might cancel their travel plans. With this guide, people can discover some of the world's most popular attractions without the hassle. In fact, why go at all? Sourcing only one and two star reviews from TripAdvisor, this travel guide reassures people that their vacation wouldn't have been fun anyway.


Book Design
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A destination without the journey

The guide features three attractions each from four of the world's most popular travel destinations: New York City, Paris, London, and Rome. Witty illustrations are overlaid atop royalty-free stock images to bring the visions of the reviewers to life.

Anti-travel, but still a travel guide

This book borrows conventions from standard travel guides. Each city is colour coded with a gradient along the edge so users can quickly identify the desired section from the book's exterior when closed. The book's size, 5' x 7', is also intended to be pocketable and portable. Lastly, an index at the back of the book helps users find exactly what they're looking for at a glance: as long as what they're looking for is not travel-related at all.

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